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Read answers to some of the questions you may have about text notification.

What is GMP’s text and email alert service?

It's a 24/7 notification service that enables customers to report outages and receive outage restoration updates. The program is available without charge to all customers within the GMP service territory. Please note that standard message and data rates may apply through your carrier.

What commands can I text to 46788 (GMPVT) and what do they mean?

REG: To activate your account for text messaging. You will need your 8 or 10 digit account number along with the last 4 digits of the phone number associated with the account you are registering. 
OUT: To report an outage at your location. Important: For fallen lines or other non-life threatening emergency situations, contact customer service at 888-835-4672
STAT: To find out the estimated time of restoration for your outage.
NICK: To assign up to a maximum of twelve character nickname for an account.
PAUSE: To temporarily unregister your account. Text RESUME to start receiving alerts again.
STOP: To unregister your account. Text REG to sign up for the program again. 

I texted REG to 46788 (GMPVT) but nothing happened. What’s wrong?

Please try again after a few minutes - your message may have failed because of a period of heavy use.

If you typed GMPVT into the "to" line, try again with 46788. Not all phones and service providers will accept text as an address.

If your cell phone service is provided by a carrier outside of the US – e.g. Canada - the GMPVT short code may not work.

Check with your service provider to confirm that you have a text plan, and that their service is operating.

I reported an outage and then texted STAT but the message said there was no outage for my account. Why is this happening?

It can take a few minutes before your outage is entered into our system. Please wait a few minutes and then text STAT again. If you get another message that says there is no outage, please text OUT again to ensure that we enter your outage into our database.

Can my spouse and I both get alerts about our home’s GMP account on each of our phones?

Yes, you may register as many different phone numbers or email addresses as you'd like to receive alerts from the same account. 

I texted my outage hours ago, why does the text still say “Evaluating”?

During major storm events or other times when there is a high volume of outages, the estimated time of restoration (ETR) may not immediately be available when the outage is reported. When an ETR becomes available, you will automatically receive a text message with that information.

It is important to remember that we attempt to estimate the time of restoration to allow you to plan and safely await restoration, but ETR is only an estimate. We may have to update the estimate based on a number of factors, such as evaluation of damage from an onsite crew, changing weather conditions, additional problems that occur or any specialty crews or equipment needed for repairs once the damage is assessed. We do our best to keep you aware of updated information. 

I have separate GMP accounts for my home and my business. Can I register to receive alerts for more than one account?

Yes, customers can register all of their accounts, with no limit to how many. You can add a nickname to each account (such as HOME, OFFICE, CABIN) to make it easy to see where the outage is located. 

My neighbor watches my house when I travel. Can I have alerts sent to her phone?

Yes, you may register as many different phone numbers and email addresses as you would like to receive alerts from the same account. Please don’t sign up someone to receive alerts from your address without their permission.

My mother is elderly and lives alone. Can I get text notifications from her account?

Yes. With the account holder’s authorization, you can be registered to receive alerts from someone else’s account.

Why would I want to assign a nickname to my account?

For customers with several accounts registered for text messaging, a nickname can be assigned to each account to make it easier to identify which account is referred to in the alert. It will also enable you to use this shortcut: COMMAND space NICKNAME to quickly access information about that particular account. For example: if you enter STAT MomsHouse you’ll receive the most current information about the estimated restoration time at that account.

My neighbor's power is out, but they are not registered for GMP text alerts. Can I report the outage for them via text?

No.  You or your neighbor should call GMP at 888-835-4672 to report the outage. You may only report an outage via text message for the locations associated with your mobile phone. Your neighbor may register for the program by texting REG to 46788 (GMPVT).  Standard message and data rates may apply.

Why did the text messages come out-of-order?

  • We send messages to you in order, but your cell phone carrier does not guarantee that messages will be delivered in order.
  • If you get two messages in a row, you may have to scroll up to see both messages on cell phone screen

Why does the system say "There was a problem with your message"?

  • If you have a signature line automatically set up for your outgoing messages, this could prevent the system from understanding your message.
  • You may have misspelled a word.
  • There could be a temporary service interruption.
  • Please wait a few minutes and try again. 

Why are some of the numbers/words in the message highlighted?

In text messages, highlighted text is a hyperlink that you can touch, such as a website or phone number that can automatically be dialed.

Why am I getting multiple alerts on my cell phone?

Your cell phone may be registered to receive messages from more than one account.

You will get additional alerts if there is a change in restoration time or if power has been restored. 

I am getting alerts in the middle of the night, how can I stop them?

  • You can set Do Not Disturb times.  You need to go into the GMP website Notifi Preferences [LINK].
  • You can turn off your phone or lower your volume.

If my estimated restoration time has passed and I am still without power, do I need to text OUT again?

No. While the estimated time of restoration (ETR) may have passed, our crews are still working hard to restore your power. We will update the estimate based on a number of factors, such as evaluation of damage from an onsite crew, changing weather conditions, additional problems that occur or any specialty crews or equipment needed for repairs once the damage is assessed. While we do our best to keep the ETR up-to-date and to keep you aware of updated information, our first priority is getting your power back on. You can text STAT to 46788 (GMPVT) at any time to see your latest ETR. You will receive a text when your power is restored. If you receive a message indicating that your power has been restored but you are still without power, please check your property’s breakers and re-report if necessary by texting OUT to 46788 (GMPVT).

Can I text GMP from Canada?

No, short codes do not work internationally.

What if I received a text message stating my power has been restored, but my lights are still not coming on?

Please first check the circuit breaker at the property. If power is still not restored after checking the breaker, either text OUT to 46788 (GMPVT) or call 888-835-4672 to re-report the outage. There may be additional damage at your location that GMP was not previously aware of when making the original repairs. 

How much does texting cost?

Text alerts are offered at no charge by GMP. However, your cell phone provider may bill you for text messages received and sent with this service. GMP is not responsible for these charges. Before using, check with your cell phone service provider for text message costs. For more information about Terms and Conditions, click here

Can GMP guarantee delivery of text messages?

GMP cannot guarantee delivery of text messages. Your cell phone wireless carrier is responsible for transmitting text messages. Text message delivery may be limited by your cell phone plan or your provider’s wireless coverage area.  From time to time, the texting system may be unavailable and text messages cannot be sent by us. This could result in undelivered or untimely text messages.

Why did I get a text but not an email (or vice versa)?

You should get alerts for whatever channels you registered for. Check your account to confirm what kind of messages you registered for.

What if I change my mobile phone number?

Prior to changing your phone number, text STOP to unregister your account. When you receive your new phone number, text REG to re-register your account. 

What happens if my SMS text limit is reached?

Once your text limit is reached you will not receive any additional messages. Your text limit depends on the level of service you have with your carrier for number of texts by daily or monthly volumes. 

What happens if I lose my phone and get it replaced?

As long as you keep the same phone number, you will continue to receive messages.  If you get a new phone number you will need to register the new number in order to get messages. 

What happens if I move?

When you move, you will have a new Green Mountain Power account number for the new address.  You will have to register again with your new account number.

How do I send text messages?

Each cell phone works differently. Check the instructions that came with your cell phone to determine how to send text messages from your device.

When I registered for Alerts using Text on my cell phone, I created a Nickname, but when I went to the Notifi Preference webpage on the GMP website, the Nickname was not there.

The (text) Nickname you set up on your cell phone is at the “account” level.  This helps if your phone is registered to receive alerts from more than one account. For example, “Home”, “MomsHouse”, etc.

The Nickname on the preference webpage is a “contact” Nickname which makes it easier to identify the different phone numbers and emails registered to receive alerts from your account.  For example: “Mom’s office email,” “Dad’s Cell.” Each account can have multiple contacts registered to it. 

What if I no longer want to receive alerts from GMP?

To temporarily end service request notifications, text PAUSE to 46788 (GMPVT). If you would like to start receiving the notifications again, text RESUME to 46788 (GMPVT) and you will be prompted for confirmation.

To permanently end alerts, text STOP to 46788 (GMPVT).  You will be prompted for confirmation.

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